Habagat relaunches basic mountaineering, kayaking courses

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES — Habagat Outdoor Equipment once again organizes the “Pundok Habagat Basic Mountaineering Course and Basic Kayaking Course.”Both are said to be connecting activities to the relaunch of the series, an official statement reads.

The events are slated on February 21 and 22 to be facilitated by the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc. This will involve discussion on the history of the said mountaineering community. Meanwhile, basic kayaking teaches techniques in how to paddle as well as first aid administration and safety management.

The courses will be at the Phercris Beach, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City. These events are expected to be joined in by aspiring outdoor enthusiasts and responsible mountaineers eager to learn and relearn the basics and enjoy the outdoors safely.

BMC skills such as camp selection, basic knot tying, and water and garbage management will be discussed on the overnight training. Basic paddling skills including Equipment Care and Handling will be given emphasis during a four-hour lecture and skills check.

As of this writing, 27 of the 30 slots for the BMC have already been taken. The kayak course, however, is still open for registration. For more information, call Jake Ave at 0906.334.0603 or email marketing@habagat.com. (Habagat Communications)