Serenitea unveils ‘more moments’

caption: BLOGGERS sample tea goodness and new products for snacks in Serenitea’s second anniversary.

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES (May 28, 2015) — Serenitea Cebu marks its second anniversary by launching new drinks, merchandise, and snacks plus the annual “Jumbo Cup” Promo through a lovely tea party today here at Calyx Centre in IT Park.

Snacks include chicken chops, French fries, hash browns, peppered corn, potato rounds, shrimp balls, squid balls, and squid rolls. Merchandising items feature Hokkaido and Okinawa tea goodness injected in candies and chocolate bars with Matcha Marble, white chocolate with taro, Hokkaido milk chocolate, milk chocolate with Assam flavors or black tea.

All of these will be available to the market on June 8, this year.

The Jumbo Cup Promo will have been first served by May 29. Customers who order their favorite Serenitea drink in a large cup will get a special treat because their drinks will be converted to a jumbo cup, says marketing officer Tara Merced.

Says Innoland Retail consultant Bruce Cortes Bollozos that the rebranding of Serenitea on its second year in the market means “immaculate white and apple green” interiors. Frames hung on the walls take a transition in content – from just the tea-related quotes to inspirational quotes.

Some of these interesting quotes are on travel, on being creative, on life’s challenges to take a stand, decide, and take the risk.

For Serenitea’s second birthday, Innoland staff hosted a tea party so guests can sample great snack items and drinks highlighting Cebu’s very own mango. The drinks take on a twist such as Mango slush with matcha tea, Mango overload with ice cream, aside from the bestselling mango tango.###